What? Another Reformed Blog?

Today I’m initiating another blog, fully expecting that my writing here will be infrequent.

I hope to blog about some of the things I’ve pondered over on a variety of topics.  Most posts will be related in some way to my life as a Reformed Christian and ruling elder and my observations of a wide variety of churches (Methodist/Southern Baptist/Reformed Baptist/Reformed Presbyterian).   I may recycle (or revisit) some pieces I’ve published elsewhere.

The title, “Reformed Ruminations,” expresses my sense that the posts here will be the outcome of “chewing the cud” – but figuratively, of course!  My original vision for the header photo was of a field containing a couple of dairy cows sporting those magisterial Reformer hats that one sees in portraits of John Calvin. So far, for some reason, I’ve been unable to find such a picture anywhere.  If you run across one, please do let me know.

In the meantime, an image of Kinbane Castle, which I visited by accident almost twenty years ago, will do.  (Many thanks to Shaun Dunphy for giving me permission to modify his excellent photo!)

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